Steinski provides us with some examples of pre-Dangermouse Beatles remixes. Link

Hats off to Dangermouse, who’s turned out to be one of the most successful pop producers of recent years. That Beatles thing he rigged up with the Jay-Z accappellas was plenty clever.


Successful and clever as he may be, let’s not run around with the idea that he started the trend of cutting up Beatles tunes for remixing and whatnot, or even that he did it best.

Allow me to hip you to The Breakbeatles; all one of him. My man produced the three MP3’s you’ll find below, and in my opinion, these are standout examples of the remix ethic; musical, technically excellent, and exeedingly well thought out. And, I might add, produced back when Dangermouse was still… watching Dangermouse on Saturday mornings.

Famous doesn’t necessarily mean best. Sometimes the real gems are the ones that don’t make it into the spotlight so fast.