I know there are always rumors of turmoil within the Wu but it’s interesting to hear it from an insider’s point of view. Link

Concerning the RZA intro on the promo. Is there much animosity between you and other killa beez?
Not asking you to name names or anything, but have you patched relationships with other members of the fam you had problems with or are you just standing distant from them?

There’s still animosity between me and certain Killa Beez yeah, and I honestly don’t understand where it all stems from. Maybe some of them saw me as some sort of danger to their reputation within the Wu, or maybe some of them didn’t like how close of a relationship I grew to have with RZA and other Clan members. Maybe a mixture of both. There’s a lot of shit going on between family all the time, but at certain points it went beyond family matters, it was straight up dudes trying to fuck up your name, snitching and shit. That’s what motivated me to write ‘Brothers Ain’t Brothers’. I might write a book someday, to come with the second album or something. I don’t know.

Given that a considerable amount of time has passed since you first became affiliated with Wu-Tang, has your perception of the group changed from being a fan to being an affiliated artist? If So is that change negative or positive?
Uhm, well.. I can’t really say positive or negative, as with everything its mixed and too complex to put into a positive or negative category. But there were major disappointments at times because I had a certain image of the group when I was a fan and that’s what made me love Wu-Tang, it was more than just the music, it was the movement. I wish I was there in 1993-1997, the golden era. Because once I came in in 1999, it already had begun scattering and the whole image I had wasn’t there. I mean it was positive to be part of the group now, and with the tours and stuff, and hanging with my brothers, all that was positive of course, but sometimes I just wish I didn’t see/hear so much and held on to that image.

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