Sage breaks down his new album track-by-track. Link

It’s 5:06 AM, I’m on my 3rd cup of coffee and Tom Petty is playing in the background. What’s this? Talk about my new album? Sure thing!

“Human the Death Dance” is basically the culmination of all styles and personalities that defined each Sage Francis album that came before it, making it the most complete and full circle album of mine to date.

HTDD is a mixtape style album. Someone on my forum mentioned that it has a “Sick of” feel to it, and that’s definitely true to a degree. The only difference is, these are all original songs and they were recorded in a studio rather than on a 4-track. I actually think HTDD could be broken up into two or three parts. Halfway through the album there’s an obvious jump from upbeat/fun/aggressive material into more introspective subject matter.

Having songs with all different styles and deliveries will invariably cause some people to prefer certain types of songs over others. Those opinions are completely different across the board. For example, some people can’t get down with the Mark Isham tracks due to his lack of drums and atypical hiphop style, however the reviewer of Filter Magazine believes that these songs are the highlight of the album. It’s interesting seeing what types of people prefer certain songs over others, and if I lose listeners after they only check out one or two tracks then that’s highly unfortunate. It’s a tough call in this instant gratification MP3 era of music listening.

While the style of music varies throughout the album, the subject matter of each song deals with death (Death Dance) and the plain autobiographical details of my life (Human) in one way or another.

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