They’ve been talking about the Mambo To HipHop DVD release for some time. Hope it happens soon. Link

Just got off the phone with Henry Chalfant and it looks like the Documentary FROM MAMBO TO HIP HOP will be made available for sale in the Summer or Fall.

They’re also going to be filming a music video that features everyone who participated and contributed to the project and include it in the DVD.

All the pioneer hiphoppers like Afrika Bambaataa, Kool Herc, Rock Steady Crew, Charlie Chase and the old school Mamboniks like Orlando Marin, Benny Bonilla, Mike Amadeo, etc. will be joined by the new school of today like La Bruja and Fat Joe. It’s the old school and new school directly in front of the CASA AMADEO record store in the Boogie Down.

Should I wear my Leather Bomber, Playboy Shoes and Gazelle’s (sans the lenses) for the occasion?…