Maroon 5 and Casual

Breakin’ glass barriers? Casual, beloved heiroglyph, is working on a collabo with Maroon 5. I was just thinkin’ of Casual this morning as I was watching the video for Don’t Hate The Player. Link (thanks Michelle!)

The seed for this most unlikely of collaborations came about last summer when Casual and the members of Maroon 5 met while playing at the Bonnaroo Festival. “We hit it off right away, and the next day, on a lark, I sat in with them during their sound check. I knew all of their hits because I had been listening to them on my tour bus, so I freestyled over a few of their tracks and it sounded amazing,” explains Casual. After the initial jam session, they kept in touch and started sending tracks back and forth to each other via email. Both parties were extremely happy with the songs that came out of these exchanges, and agreed that they should put out a “summertime party album,” according to Casual.

While no tracks from the forthcoming album are yet available, they have released some excerpts of their initial jam sessions, featuring Casual rapping over Maroon 5’s hit singles:

This Love
Sunday Morning
Not Coming Home