Foxnews reports that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame vote for induction of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five may have been fixed, slightly. Seems like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation lacks impartiality and transparency, who would have guessed? Link (via)

“According to sources, Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner, who recently appointed himself chairman of the Foundation after the death of Ahmet Ertegun, ignored the final voting and chose Grandmaster Flash over the DC5 for this year’s ceremony.”

“He stood up there and told us that we should vote for who we thought would be most commercial, and who be best on the TV show,” a source said. “It was outrageous. Some people tried to stop him and asked him to leave, but he wouldn’t. He said, ‘I’m not leaving.’ The director is never supposed to speak to the nominating committee.”

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