…do you think that in some way people are becoming restless with sample-based music and may be finding its limitations now that so many crates have been exhausted?

…from my personal standpoint, you hit the nail on the head as far as my personal experience. That is very precisely what happened is I got to a point where essentially the love affair was over with the sampler for me. It doesn’t mean I dislike it any less than I did. It’s just that when I first started making records and strictly using samples, to me the possibility seemed endless and there was just a huge capacity for what could be done that I felt like doing a lot of exploring.

And over the years by the time I was done with my second record, I had just lived on that machine every day for so many years that I had learned the ins and outs of what I could do with my particular machine. And I don’t want to say with sampling in general because maybe some kid is out there that’s going to do some other thing. I don’t know. For me, I had basically hit the limit of what I could do with it–my being enamored with the concept of making records strictly out of samples–it kind of ended then.