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Masta Killa (image courtesy of Impose Magazine)

Nice short piece here with Pete Rock and Masta Killa. Alex Rosado provides us with some background on their relationships with Nature Sounds. It seems the post could have been longer but Rosado held back some content to avoid sounding elitist. No need to justify your tendencies my man, you should share it with the world, we’re interested. Link.

Why sign with Nature Sounds?

Pete Rock: I think they let a person fly. No one is hovering over anybody’s shoulder telling them how to make their music and that was one of the problems I had with the last label I was on [BBE]. Some person just came out of nowhere and crawled from under some rock and was trying to tell Pete Rock how to make his music, which to me was ridiculous cause I’ve been in this business long enough to know that I never seen his face before or after. The thing I love about Nature Sounds is that they give me creative control of my own project. Also, Devin [Horowitz] being the nice guy he is, you know, reaching out to me. Wanted to give me a shot and do music for him. As you know the music business is based on relationships, and he was a fan as well. It was great to meet him and talk to him and work with him.

Masta Killa: As far as my relationship with Nature Sounds [goes], sometimes you come across situations that are not even about the money. Some situations just feel right to you. Sometimes you have to go with how you feel. You could be making a ton of money and feel like shit at the end of the day because you don’t even like what you’re doing and you don’t even feel good about where you’re at. I might not be making a ton of money, but my relationship [with] the way Nature Sounds handles business has been all positive. I’m no stranger to the independent world because Wu-Tang started independent before we actually signed to a major. I’m always a fan of the independent, because it is where you find the rawest of the raw. Independent, and mixtapes nowadays. It’s like in street ball compared to the NBA: NBA dudes is nasty also, but sometimes you gotta go back to the foundation to find that raw talent. So you might need that raw talent so we gotta go find it obviously we gotta go find different looks to keep it spicy.

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