Painkillers (Joe Dub & Topic)

New Painkillers 12inch available for pre-order via asita, accesshiphop or Net31. Joe Dub and Topic ridin’ beats from Riddlore, Emil and Labwaste, we expect this record to be very nice. Samples available on the GenuineHI radio show from Hawaii’s KTUH. Shout out to Lauren for the update! Link

Listen to GenuineHI Radio Show (KTUH)
January 21, 2007 – Hold On To Your Hats

1. le feelings – echoed sighs demo cd (self)
2. the painkillers – do not disturb do not disturb (net31)
3. the spacifics – still 1 demo cd (self)
4. vitalsee – anger management demo cd (self)
5. kilowatts the mongoose & a.aloha – jungle bungalow narco sympo 1.5: ana loves digi (lightsleepers)
6. kavet the catalyst – paperplates livicated to ep (lightsleepers)
7. million billion & oddchild – rockthefuckout demo cd (self)
8. hi state – boobytrap 2000 freestilion species (self)
9. microscopic syllables – wild demo cd (self)
10. the spacifics – 49 states demo cd (self)
11. proliteariots – in from the fields blue collar blues (self)
12. proliteariots – blue collared blue collar blues (self)
13. the painkillers – p.kills the p.pills do not disturb (net31)
14. slanted advocates – duelly noted demo cd (self)
15. soul pacific – the vibe demo cd (self)
16. creed chameleon – dream builder love potion cyanide (self)
17. rhythm defense – hilo what demo cd (self)
18. brainstorming weather – drive below stagnant waters (self)
19. mel-z, fibes, kavet the catalyst, ep – oddworld narco sympo 1.5: ana loves digi (lightsleepers)
20. ind – unfortunate misfortune demo cd (self)
21. triangular prism – horizontal infinity narco sympo 1.5: ana loves digi (lightsleepers)
22. nomasterbacks ft. kavet the catalyst – mechanical bull lukewarm: response (lightsleepers)
23. neila & jusoneo – complain lady day and the pres present – the mystery machine (highground)
24. kavet the catalyst – another pilot episode (lightsleepers)
25. kavet the catalyst & lip service – ? demo cd (self)
26. demune – earthtones crossbreeding and grafting (ponowai flora)
27. freestyles

Do No Disturb is the limited lead off 12″ single (really 5 song EP) from the forthcoming Hate Parade album. Along with Joe Dub and Topic, the 12-inch features production by Riddlore of CVE, Emynd of Anticon/Object Beings, as well as a vinyl-exclusive bonus cut, and remix blessed by Lab Waste.