Stretch Armstrong is back in the mix with a blog – Konstant Kontakt. Although he hasn’t put up anything new, he has been posting some quality stuff from his show archives. He’s also very interested in using the medium to get in touch with people that might be able to help him with filling in some blanks in his collection. So if you have tapes, get at him. But he’s staying focused so no funny emails like “what’s the deal with you and bobbito?” And make sure not to miss the July 7th, ’94 episode with Roc Raida and Mobb Deep. Link

I’m missing many of my own shows from KCR, especially from the early days. Tapes were left in cars, tapes were stolen from cribs, tapes were lent out…yada yada. I am very interested in aquiring these missing shows. I have a really good system of digitizing tapes, so if you have recordings you’d like to digitize, get in touch with me. Or, if you have shows that have been digitized, do the same. My email is Please limit the emails to this topic. Thanks!