Dom Pachino (of Killarmy)


You’re working with Shyheim, the Killarmy is still in effect. How strong is your affiliation to the Wu-Tang Imperium?

I’m glad you asked me that. Because, I no longer wanna be called a Wu-tang affiliate. I stand on my own foot with this. It’s the Napalm world, it’s Napalm Recordings, it’s a new movement. I mean, the Wu-Tang, I derived from that branch in the music business, you know what I’m saying, but I’m no longer a Wu-tang affiliate. And, if you don’t know by now, if you listen to all my music there’s no W’s on my albums, there’s no shouting out Wu-Tang on all these tracks. There’s no kung-fu shit in my music. It’s military, it’s a Killarmy thing. It’s a military lifestyle. We always had that. We always had our own thing with this. You know, it just happened that 9th Prince was RZA’s younger brother and that’s the group that we formed and so it tumbled down on us. But, we always had our own sound, it was always our own thing. It’s cool, the Wu-Tang is great, it’s good to be affiliated with something great. But, you know, what we’re doing right now is a whole new movement. It’s all about Napalm Recordings, i’ll guarantee you.