Chief Rocker Busy Bee - Pioneers of Hip-Hop Volume One

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Hip-Hop pioneer The Chief Rocker Busy Bee and Urban Gold Music recently released The History Of Hip Hop Volume One, the first release in a 10-CD compilation series featuring vintage battles and performances from the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.

The new album features digitally remastered classic material that documents Busy Bee’s storied career from the beginning of Hip-Hop, including never before released audio.

The CD’s also feature celebrated MC’s like The Cold Crush Brothers, The Jazzy Five, Kool Moe Dee and Grandmaster Flash.

01 urban Gold music intro
02 Busy Bee vs kool moe Dee The First battle in Hiphop
03 Busy Bee Live Queens College 1981
04 Busy Bee & Jazzy Five 1980
05 Busy Bee at the T-Connection
06 Busy Bee at Manhattan College
07 Busy Bee Boat Ride 1982
08 Busy Bee at the Auto Bonn Ballroom 1979
09 Busy Bee & the Zulu Nation Bronx River 1980
10 Busy Bee at Bronx River Center 1980