Calle 13 – La Jirafa (White Lion Rec. / SONY BMG) – i like this video

In his article about Cuba’s ‘Rap Vanguard’, Marc Lacey of the NYTimes writes that HipHop’s popularity in Cuba is losing ground to Reggaeton. Additionally, the Cuban government’s Ministry of Culture has embraced the more dance-friendly music and the annual HipHop festival, which tended to include more politically active artists, has lost support from the people. It’s strange though, when I think of Reggaeton, especially the tracks I really like, I just think of it as innovative HipHop. But I have had people try to convince me Reggaeton is not HipHop and just some kind of Reggae in Spanish. I’m not buying it. 105.9 (aka 92.7) is actually the only pop radio station I can tolerate. Link (via)