After years of taking jabs at one another in their music and interviews, Cormega and Nasty Nas publicly squashed their beef tonight at Nas’ Nokia Theatre performance. The crowd was pretty hype as is when Nas was performing his classic song One Love but then, unexpectedly, as N was spitting one of his famous lines – ‘What up with Cormega?’, the music stopped and guess who walks onto the stage? Cormega strolls out, gives a pound and then the two begin to perform Affirmative Action. After having his membership inexplicably deaded from The Firm over a decade ago, fans finally got to see Mega Montana shine on this song. First, Nas and Jay-Z hug-up publicly. Then, I hear about this KRS-One/Marley Marl album. And now this. Big ups to Cormega and Nas for letting bygones be bygones. I wonder if Nas approached Corey or the other way around? Link