First Scribe Books

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WHO are the original and still-reigning gangsters and pirates of the music business, and WHO was, is and will be ultimately responsible for the state of Black music, yesterday, today and tomorrow?

WHAT is wrong with copyright, and WHAT is its true purpose?

WHEN did the theft of Black music start? And WHEN did all this fascination with sex, drugs and violence in music really begin? The 1990s? 80s? 70s? (Hint: Not “back in the day,” at least not the one you’re probably thinking of.)

WHERE did the decadence and degeneracy in contemporary music initially come from? (Another hint: Not from “the hood.”)

WHY does the pandering to low standards, irresponsible behavior and materialism in Black music continue to increase despite the obvious short-and-long-term negative consequences to the Black community? (Last hint: $$$$$$–but that’s not the only one, for sure.)

HOW can Black people begin to put an end to the madness and find the message in the music again?