Read what else former Loud Records founder Steve Rifkind has to say. Interview

Do you think there is a loss of vision? People don’t know what to focus on today?
I don’t blame the artist on that; I blame the record company. My whole thing is when Loud signed Three 6 Mafia, we were known as a bi-coastal label and then we signed this group from the South and the media ran with it, “What do I know about the South?” There has to be communication, these labels don’t know anymore.

It’s all so generic.
Exactly, it is about the hottest producer and the hottest sound. Then, they talk about how bad the record business is right now and it is bad, but it is the best time to be in the record business. In two or three years, there is going to be different avenues in making money and be creative. Take some chances, stake left.