Be The Riottt

Really late on this but if you’re in the San Francisco area right now, go check this out. It features the likes of Sage Francis, Saul Williams, Busdriver and X-Clan among others. Link

When a multitude of forever-forward freethinkers unite in a finite space with the common goal of basking in the radiance of an empowered community, anything can transpire. Be The RIOTTT!, a quality culture expo, features the most cohesive representation of music, street fashion, and art in the nation. On November 11, 2006, prepare to take part in the supreme global manifestation of cultural diversity. Mixing an amalgam of premier music with an onslaught of emotive, culturally-relevant art galleries and streetfashion collective, Be The Riottt Festival engenders a progressive, genre-spanning throw down for the ages. The stage is being set and Riottt is printing and spreading the properpropaganda. From this event a community of change will be formalized; from this event, One Will Rise. The only question is: what size influence will you have in its unveiling?