Antimc - It's Free, But It's Not Cheap Album Cover

Antimc is finally releasing his solo debut on Mush entitled It’s Free, But It’s Not Cheap. I can’t wait to hear the new record. His last collabo with Radioinactive, Free Kamal, was one of the most refreshing albums I’ve heard in a long time. Link

Antimc – Single Life (from It’s Free, But It’s Not Cheap)
The G-Punk Era Promo Mix

It’s Free, But It’s Not Cheap, the solo debut from Los Angeles producer Antimc, is a nine-song collection of sprawling post-rock, dancefloor filling hip-hop, and inspired electronics. The album features three emcees (Busdriver, Cadence Weapon, and Saafir), three vocalists (Anthony Anzalone of the Mean Reds, Andrew Broder of Fog, and Mark Mitchell of Clue to Kalo), and shows a vast range of production styles. Antimc is the rare producer that is just as accomplished at writing melodies, playing his own live instrumentation, and structuring a song, as he is at programming a drum machine and editing on a computer. This versatility shows as he is able to span hip-hop to hardcore to electro to post-rock and capture standout performances from each collaborator, while always focusing on creating an expertly crafted song.