Flavor Flav & Raheem

Hilarious story of Flavor Flav taking over a Halloween show in NYC, complete with pictures and audio. Apparently, Flav was only supposed to perform a couple of songs but then a full-blown Public Enemy concert broke out! Link

19-minute PE performance

It was Opie and Anthony’s Halloween bash. With his new found popularity, Opie and Anthony arranged for him to perform one song, but somehow word got back to Flav that the whole celebration was all about him. So he turned that one song into 55 minutes of ramble and rap.

For the occasion Flav invited old school friends like: Hank Shocklee, Grandmaster Caz, Dana Dane and Raheem from the Furious Five. New schoolers like Remy Ma were in attendance. More importantly his mother, kids and extended family all drove into the city, and Chuck D, his Public Enemy compadre stopped by to perform a song or two. It was one of the first shows Public Enemy have done in NY for years.