NY Hip-Hop Dance Convention

There are many great events going on during this convention featuring the likes of Kool Herc, DJ Disco Wiz and Tony Tone of the Cold Crush Brothers among others. Much props to the individuals and organizations putting this together. Link

The NY Hip-Hop Dance Convention will be the largest five-day urban performing arts convention of its kind right here in New York City…We have designed a unique event that caters to all hip-hop enthusiasts; it is structured to cover the many aspects of hip-hop dance – from the art of B-Boying to modern day hip-hop dance.

We’re kicking the convention off at the World Famous Apollo Theater on Wednesday for Amateur Night at the Apollo, an adult amateur dance team and youth competitions on Thursday, nothing beats the “Back n’ da Day” – off-broadway hip-hop dance show depicting the popular moves of the late 70’s to today – on Friday, the ultimate Urban B-Boy battle on Saturday, and we’ll be rapping it up with urban poetry at its greatest come Sunday evening. If that’s not enough, we’re inviting everyone to join us the following weekend to help celebrate three decades of hip-hop culture with The Universal Federation for the Preservation of Hip-Hop Culture at the world renown Kennedy Center located in the heart of Harlem.