K-THE-I??? - This Lovely Falling Autumn

Follow the links to download the latest instrumental record called This Lovely Falling Autumn from K-THE-I???. Also, be on the lookout for his upcoming Mush Records debut. Link

01. This Is Beauty Gleaming (10:59, 25.15mb)
02. The Snow Flakes Collected Create The Snow Woman (11:56, 27.35mb)
03. Cleansing Towards Melodys Written Well (14:36, 33.45mb)

This record will be put out eventually but a way more advanced version as well as extended featuring some real talented musicians i know, by musicians i mean people who play instruments, lol, not emcee’s

So please feel free to download away, burn it for your friends, play in in your ipods, computers, cars etc……….

i’ll also be selling these on the road for future tours i’ll be announcing very soon, real soon actually, from my up and coming mush tour and a tour with some of my good friends.

P.s. please play these songs back to back in the exact order given as well as for the first listen make sure to put on headphones so you get to really understand and feel what i’m trying to accomplish with this record, theres mega panning going on, mega detail, and listening to this will let you know about the vast collection of records i got and my music taste, haha peacers.