This is over a year old but an interesting read nevertheless, more specifically his thoughts concerning sample clearance. Dope mix as well. Link

Blockhead Promo Mix

How has the recent Supreme Court ruling on sample clearance in the US affected you?

Yeah I’m pretty bad man, I still don’t think about it. As much as there’s a rule about it, I’m still not selling enough copies where it’s really an issue yet and it only becomes an issue if I put stuff in commercials and at the same time I also sample kind of weird music, sometimes I sample stuff that is more known or on a major label or something like that, but a lot of stuff I sample I just can’t imagine anyone catching me on it. I’m probably shooting myself in the foot by just saying that, but it’s just certain albums that I don’t know who would be listening and be like ‘Oh yeah that’s my flute from that Nordic Flute album I made 30 years ago’ you know? In the context where it’s probably layered over something and sped or slowed down. I’m not worried about it yet, everyone tells me I should be, but I’m not yet.