Kenny Parker, KRS-One & Willie D

Great 3-part interview with BDP producer, DJ and KRS-One’s younger brother Kenny Parker. He speaks on such topics such as the whole KRS-PM Dawn altercation, hip-hop beefs and an upcoming KRS-One and Marley Marl album. Part One, Part Two, Part Three (Thanks Robbie)

I think Kris is two kinds of MC’s. He’s a battle rapper, and he came-up battling, and he’s had a lot of numerous battles that people know about – and don’t even know about – AND he’s also a conscious rapper who tries to talk about upliftment of our race, the government, and things goin’ on. I think there’s no way you can be both without being contradictory, in my opinion. The problem Kris has had over the years is that when he starts talking about the government, about “Black man rise up”, people start saying “Yo, he’s too preachy. Edutainment was too preachy. Whatever happened to Criminal Minded? Why won’t he make ‘9MM’? Why won’t he rhyme like that?” Then when he makes battle records, then the “conscious” people go “Oh, he’s contradictory. How’s he talkin’ about snapping a MC’s neck? He’s supposed to be talkin’ about ‘Stop The Violence’!” The problem is that Kris would’ve had to leave one of those behind. Either he would’ve had to say “I’m not a battle rapper. I ain’t making those kind of records ever again”, or he would’ve had to say “I’m a battle rapper. I’m not making conscious records ever again”. Every album he has, he’ll do both. He’ll talk about things things going on in society, then he’ll make records talkin’ about how he’ll crush an MC.