popa chief

“We some GQ get-fresh lamp-a-lot n*gg*z, let all the world know we be gettin’ high!” Link

Popa Chief – Lamp A Lot remix featuring La The Darkman and Brooklyn Zu

Zu Ninjaz member Popa Chief is a producing and rhyming maniac. Just in case you missed it on the streets, here comes a specially remastered, repackaged version of his first ever release entitled Worldwide v. 2.0. Featured on this album are Lazah Lyfe, Prodigal Sunn, Hellrazah, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Buddha Monk, 12 O’Clock, Uncle Sam, Boyz II Men, La the Darkman, and various members of Da Manchuz and of course Zu Ninjaz. 2 Specially notable collectors’ items are an unrlesed song featuring Bklyn Zu and Sunz of Man together, as well as the original rough mix of “Gettin’ High” featuring an unreleased verse by Popa Chief that was cut from the O.D.B. album, “Nigga Please”.