A new album from up and coming producer Mils known for production work for Pigeon John, CMA (Grouch/PSC), Scarub and luckyiam.psc from the Living Legends is officially out today. link, order

01. Faux Real – Intro
02. Jealous & Scared feat. Paul Barman
03. Upside Down feat. Pigeon John
04. Supposed 2 Be? feat. Luckyiam.PSC & Sappy Samson
05. Heart feat. Shayleen
06. The Creditor feat. Eekwol
07. Astum feat. Suga-D, Big Dro, HellnBack, Eekwol & DJ Icewater
08. Your Name Here feat. Lance Knight
09. Control Through Fear feat. Manik1derful, Obcidian Optimo & DJ Moves
10. Fun While it Lasted feat. D-Dose & Shayleen
11. Hitchhiker’s Guide feat. Scarub
12. Born into this World feat. Kay the Aquanaut
13. Aiden’s Song
14. He Never Came Back feat. Langdon Auger
15. Restfull Vigil – Outro