Still deciding what to do after stuffing yourself with turkey, mashed potatoes and candied yams? For two nights only, Ra will be blessing us with his presence at BB Kings in Times Square. He doesn’t perform often so be sure not to miss out. The last time he was in NYC, hip-hop icons Grandmaster Caz (Cold Crush Brothers) and Raheim (Furious Five) came out and did some new material. Nov 24th Tickets, Nov 25th Tickets

Ask any serious emcee who their influences are, and without a doubt, Rakim Allah will be high on the list. An intelligent and incredibly skilled microphone fiend, there are very few artists who have had the impact and influence as The R. The Queens native exploded on the scene in 1986 with the release of one of hip-hop’s all-time classic singles, “Eric B. Is President.” His baritone,
wisdom-filled verses were the perfect accompaniment to Eric B’s airtight drum programming and perfectly executed cuts. Rakim’s nonstop flows, conceptual lyrics and deadly serious delivery revolutionized the art of emceeing. Their legendary union produced four solid albums and several timeless singles. After a five-year hiatus, he returned with his first solo album The R in 1997, followed by The Master in ’99. One of the most important and esteemed emcees to ever grip a mic, Rakim will forever be credited for taking hip-hop lyricism to a higher level.