Some of the good people behind Equinox Records recently launched, an online database for rap records from 1979-1989. Currently in beta version, I think the idea is to make this all encompassing. They are taking submissions but wouldn’t it be great if it was programmed wiki style? Link

They also just released the next two 10inches in their instrumental series. Check the snippets.

Arcsin “Uprock Citizen EP”
A |
(01) ARCSiN „The Tomorrow People“ mp3
(02) ARCSiN „Uprock Citizen Brigade“ mp3
B |
(03) ARCSiN „Epileptic Velvet ” mp3
(04) ARCSiN „Jar of mice” mp3

DJ Scientist “Journey Goodbye EP”
A |
(01) DjSCiENTiST „Atarius“ mp3
(02) DjSCiENTiST „Autum Leaves“ mp3
B |
(03) DjSCiENTiST „Journey Goodbye” mp3
(04) DjSCiENTiST „Atarius Remix” mp3