I’m very torn between posting about this and ignoring it completely. Similar to the way we treat gossipy type content, there is a side of me that says we should not add to the legitimacy of such things. But god-damn it, this Church is literally burning destroying HipHop. I can’t help but bring this to the attention of people so, hopefully, someone can write a little more at length as to why this is so ridiculous (hint hint K.B., jsmooth) or at least promote discussion. Link update: here’s a pic of the bulldozer

ARLINGTON – Participants at a church-sponsored conference Wednesday destroyed hundreds of CDs, rapper-designed clothing, magazines, tongue rings, posters, video games and DVDs said to be ruining the minds of children and young adults, according to a news release.

Cornerstone Baptist Church officials said the influence that hip-hop music has over youth is negative. They pointed to the AggTownz fights videos and recent Dallas-area shootings connected to hip-hop music as evidence. The conference took place Wednesday at Cornerstone Baptist Church, 5415 Matlock Road.