Kill Your Employer (by Busdriver)

Cover art to new busdriver single dropping september 26 on Epitaph Records – Kill Your Employer. Album, titled RoadKillOvercoat, probably getting released a few weeks later. Any chance we can we hurry it up a little? Link

Production on the record is masterfully tackled by L.A.’s own beat champion DJ Nobody (Plug Research, Ubiquity) and multi-instrumentalist/programming whiz, Boom-Bip (Lex). The songs themselves seamlessly leap from the inadvertent club-banger, “Kill Your Employer (Recreational Paranoia is the Sport of Now)”, accented with sneering criticisms towards the innocuous left-winger, all the way to the psychedelic onslaught of “Secret Skin” and it’s almost hokey optimism. This time around BD wields the pop song framework, beats it into submission and interjects his skittish sense of the absurd.