Nima Nabavi, the man behind online indie apparel distributor – – was interviewed for SOHH the other day. I’ve never ordered a t-shirt but I’ve been getting the newsletter since day one. I always look forward to seeing the new designs each week and reading the interviews with the artists. Link

Nima has maintained his independent ethic for the entire life of his business.

“There are no mega corporations backing any of the people. It’s about taking kids with uncensored ideas, who are not geared toward what’s hot and connecting them to kids around the world who want to buy them. Every brand I deal with I know the owner and he’s just a guy doing his thing,” Nima told SOHH.

Nima has even turned away companies like Nike, MTV and Amazon who’ve sought partnerships with him.

“I can’t tell you how much money I’ve turned away, but I feel like there is something really disrespectful about certain kinds of advertising. It’s like telling you I know you like this fresh independent stuff and you come in my store and there is a shady guy in a suit following you around going ‘You like MTV right? You like Nike right?'”