Darc Mind via Anticon Records

Haven’t heard the name Darc Mind for years. Last time probably was when I bought the Soul In The Hole soundtrack and I asked my friend, who the f*ck is Darc Mind? I think the producer, X-Ray, still runs mindbenda records. Peep the excerpt from the press release for more background. anticon.com

Download Darc Mind – Outside Looking In

Recorded from ’95 to ’97 for Loud/RCA (before Loud’s ignoble fall from grace), Darc Mind’s Symptomatic of a Greater Ill is a record almost without comparison in the history of NY rap. One could, at perhaps too great a length, detail Kevroc’s powerfully unique sense of timing, his nearly instrumental phrasing, and the density of his lyrics, the strange words he cobbles together and lets off in bursts in a voice that’s the lowest, Moses-fresh-from-the-mountaintop rumble. Like a shadowy take on DITC at its prime, a treasure chest of horns, vibes, and pianos are taken in, ruggedly reworked, and laid in with full-bodied basslines and chopped drum breaks. Darc Mind’s DJ/Producer GM Webb D (aka X-Ray) released his first rap record in ’89, and in Symptomatic’s span, one can almost hear rap’s history and its future being willfully crosscut and interlaced.