To follow up on a recent post, here are the lyrics to Caz’s GOAT rap. I had the honor of seeing Caz perform this live when he opened for Rakim a few months back. Read it now because, as far as I know, there is no recorded version of this great verse. Lyrics

Before rap was a game or Hip-Hop was a nation
Before Lauren Hill began her miseducation
Before Milk was chillin or PE brought the noise
Before Heavy D and the Boyz
Before the Roof caught on fire, before fresh was the word
Before Whodini and friends and Roxannes Revenge
Before the roof caught on fire, before say Ho
Before the Crash Crew was rockin on the radio
Before Whitney, Mariah and J-Lo and Janet
Before Bam and the Soulsonic Force rocked the planet
Before theses are the breaks, before Hard Times
Before the Gang, King Tim and Before Superrhymes
Before Reaganomics, before rappers got shot in the’re stomachs
Before you found Hip-Hop in comics
Before G’s, before weed was trees
Before goin raw dog gave you a deadly disease
Before haters, before thugs and perpetrators
Before the alphas and before the betas
Before beepers and cell phones and retro gods
And fed ex, food stamps and metro cards
Before cops were 5-0 or gats were answers
Before B-Boys turned in to break dancers
Before Legs was crazy or out turned to swazey
Back when L said it’s hot, humid and hazy…..
Before all the bullshit and by no means get it twisted
My name is Hip-Hop and I have always existed
In this physical form or in the essence of ryhme