Good interview here with Wu-Tang affiliate Dreddy Kruger, who is also the mastermind behind Wu-Tang Meets Indie Culture compilation released last year. Read on about his upcoming projects, thoughts on Ghostface and an update on Rza. Interview

Man, [Think Differently] got a whole lot. Inspectah Deck, GZA, and RZA’s projects are going to be the highlights of the year out of the 9 generals. RZA’s about to give GZA a whole album again on some Liquid Swords sh*t, and he’s doing the same with Deck. RZA’s in that zone again, where he’s just concentrating on putting his beats together to try and bring the Wu sound back. Then I got the 5% record with Lord Jamar. I’m really excited about that. That record is strictly nothing but 5%ers on there. Nothing but the gods. I’m talking about Lord Jamar, Grand Puba, GZA, RZA, GZA’s son, Ol’Dirty Bastard’s son, Lord Jamar’s son, Poppa Wu, you know what I’m saying. That’s another concept record that I put together with Lord Jamar. Nobody’s ever put out an album under The 5% title. That’s coming out in June.