Speaking of J-Love, here’s a good interview by the same dude that interviewed La The Darkman (keep doin’ it Paine). He reveals some tidbits about Cormega and Large Professor that I’ve never heard before. Be sure to check him out on the Fishscale tour with Ghostface. Interview

Cormega has spoken very highly of you. Tell me how your bond started?
Cormega, I got him his deal…When Cormega was on Landspeed [Records], it wasn’t the ideal situation for him. But getting the record out there was the main objective. I brought him to Landspeed, and they wasn’t even feelin’ him hard at the time. Sure enough, 150,000 copies later. On The Realness, I was there everyday helpin’ him pick the beats, hands-on.

Being so close to [Large Professor] – I gotta ask. What’s in the briefcase he’s always carrying?
That’s the laptop. All the music files, beat disks. Large is one of the producers that’s up to date and up to speed with all the things that’s going on in the Hip-Hop world. He put me onto iTunes like five, six years ago. He’s advanced in music, digital stuff, everything.