After a few months of waiting, this past Friday the 13th at the Lincoln Film Center’s dignified Walter Reade Theatre, we were finally given the opportunity to see this wonderful documentary. From Mambo To Hip-Hop is an excellent hour long film exploring the major sub-cultures of twentieth century South Bronx that eventually gave rise to some of the most passionate music and dance in the entire world. It not only gives a glimpse of the striking scenery in the early days of that historic barrio but it also provides an informative lesson on the social issues that were prevelant at the time and that gave rise to a form of self-healing through self-expression, i.e. Hip-Hop. The rare archival footage and commentary from renowned artists are reason enough to seek out a showing. Do yourself a favor and go see this essential film when it becomes available. According to the director, a distribtuion deal has already been inked. Like Crazy Legs said at the premiere, it expresses what so many trailblazers have been trying to say for so many years. citylore, trailer previously Film Screening: Henry Chalfant’s Mambo To Hip Hop, Mambo To Hip Hop Film Screening