Ralph McDaniel's The Bridge

Caught Episode 3 of Ralph McDaniel’s new music video show, The Bridge, last night. Wish I would have found out about this sooner. The segment was titled “Classic Storytellers” and it featured a lot of rare videos, all in great quality and with informative pop ups like that vh1 show. My personal favorite was Fearless Four’s Problems Of The World Today, I never knew there was a video for that song. The show premiered on December 24th and plays every Saturday at 11pm. I’m looking forward to the next nine episodes. And although I make it sound like it’s Ralph McDaniel’s show, I don’t really know the depth of his involvement. But it’s good to see him on tv introducing videos again, especially with the formal support of New York City. Link to NYCTV site [Show your support and maybe they’ll film another season! email: thebridge@doitt.nyc.gov]

update 1/10/06: Paul Barman (MC Paul Barman?) interviews Ralph McDaniels for the Village Voice and points us to the nyctv stream for non-new yorkers