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“I have not heard the CD about hip hop, I just heard some comment he made a=on a radio show he had. I have to agree with on a spiritual level, that Hip hop is from the devil because the bible says; If you are not for me you are against me and I truly believe there is a THIN (knife sharp thin) line between what is of God and what is of the devil. Hip Hop is about marketing the life of self exultation fron it’s inception, Murder, Sex. The Question we need to ask ourself, Is hip hop GODLY INSPIRED? if no! then IT is DEVIL INSPIRED! there are two forces working on earth, and satan is the prince of this world. with that said We can even look at Gospel music itself, the origins are from africa where people worship many spirits, they are anamism, polytheism,and voodootheism while christianity is monotheism. Before I listen to anything that the EXministries did by myself I knew that The origins of hip hop culture was of the devil. We have to stop looking at the devil as some hideous creature with a pitch fork and a red leotard, He is the most beautiful creature to ever been created, and God in his infinite wisdom ssaw it fit to leave satan with all the beauty and magnificence he had in heaven before he was cast down. SATAN IS BEAUTIFUL AND CUNNING AND HE WANT TO MESS USS UP, SO THAT WE WILL NOT BE WILLING TO CHOOSE GOD ANYMORE. HE want to extinguish the God in his world called Earth.”