Initially, I was going to write some long-winded, contrived review of the two hip-hop shows I went to over the summer. Then work and laziness got the best of me. Not to mention the fact that I am sure most of you would probably fall asleep halfway through. So instead, I will just mention several highlights and post some pictures (the rest of the pictures are available on our Media blog and the audio I have is too low to put up). And by the way, these were free shows put on by the City Parks Foundation here in NY. Much props to them.

BCC Show, Fort Greene Park, 7/19/05 Show Information
Honestly, the biggest highlight for me was just seeing the whole crew perform. I’ve been a BCC fan for a long time and hearing all the hits live for the first time ever was just an amazing experience. All of them had great stage presence and really kept the crowd jumping and fiending for more. However, I do wish Starang could’ve done more than one verse the whole night. Overall, one of the best shows I’ve ever been to (no exaggeration). I also thought Rustee Juxx’s son was cool too. He was on stage the whole time in the background and was rapping along to ALL the songs. This kid couldn’t have been more than four or five years old. For some reason, he reminded me of the little kid dancing in the Nuthin’ But A “G” Thang video.

D.I.T.C., Crotona Park, 7/27/05 Show Information
Right off the bat, let me say that it was a disappointment when I found out O.C., Buckwild and Showbiz weren’t in attendance. Also, I was surprised at how sparse the crowd was considering how popular the crew is. However, nothing was going to ruin my experience so I just chilled on the grass while Jazzy Jay was, I believe, spinnin’ MP3s on stage via his laptop. Grandmaster Caz was there slangin’ his merch and doing some show promotion as well. Each of the MC’s (A.G., Lord Finesse and Diamond D) had great sets but the highlight of the evening was Roc Raida’s DJ performance. I knew of the Xecutioners and actually have one of their albums but never got to see any of them (or any turntabalist for that matter) perform live. It seemed like everyone in the audience stepped up to see the former DMC champion in action. He was scratching between his legs, behind his back, with his nose and elbows, while spinning his body each and every way one can imagine. It was, needless to say, dope.

update: images removed because they were stalling the site. visit our media blog if you want to see the pictures.