Why does Ra The Rugged Man think Kool G. Rap is the greatest rapper ever? Makes sense to me. Link To BallerStatus Interview With Kool G. Rap

BallerStatus.net: In the booklet for the last R.A. The Rugged Man album, he stated that you are the best emcee ever, and if anybody disagrees they are mistaken. So, when I interviewed him, I asked why he thought you are the greatest and he said because of your longevity and the fact you ripped every emcee you were ever on a track with throughout history. But, do you consider yourself the greatest ever?

Kool G. Rap: (Chuckles) I definitely consider myself one of the greats, but I’m not really into patting myself on the back. To me, G Rap is the greatest when the masses say G Rap is the greatest. But, I appreciate the compliment from R.A. Rugged Man. But, once I get a few hundred thousand more people saying the same thing, that is when G Rap will become the greatest rapper of all times. Not saying that I’m not, but that is not a decision I feel I can make. I can’t place myself in that category, and to me, the masses have to do that. The masses are who gives you your ranking. But, I know I have been pretty consistent throughout the years. I never really fell into a place where I started sounding dated or outdated. Even with features with other rappers, nobody ever made me sound old school. I always kept up and I always try to keep up with the times. Whether that be through changing your flow or slang. And I know that is something that hasn’t been repeated too much from rappers in my era. So, I can say that — that I have definitely been the most consistent thus far.