Short but good interviews with Steele of Smif-N-Wessun and Prodigal Sunn.

Riotsound: Over the years you’ve had to battle the Smith & Wesson gun company as they’ve tried to stop you from using the Smif ‘n’ Wessun name, where does that legal battle stand at the moment?
Steele: It’s still tit for tat today. But like I said, even if we change our name to Heel ‘n’ Boot, we’re gonna be Smif ‘n’ Wessun till the day we die. It’s always gonna be Smif ‘n’ Wessun and Tek and Steele. So we still going through it with them right now but that’s what it is, that’s what Smif ‘n’ Wessun is about, trials and tribulations, taking care of our business. Reloaded is going to answer a lot of the questions.Link

Prodigal Sunn: We signed as a group and each one of us was able to go and do an individual deal at another label. That whole situation right there was just to keep that legacy going. We was the first guys to really come in the game doing that, having the whole broken contract where you can come in [as a group] and then break off as an individual and go to another label. That fucked up the game because it allowed competitors to become partners ‘cause they had to if they had [one of the artists]. Before it was never like that. You had Def Jam where they were competing with RCA, but when Def Jam got Method Man they had to sit down and work it out [with RCA]. Same thing with Elektra and RCA and same thing with Virgin and RCA, all that. That was unheard of before we came in the game as far as in rap. Link