Not sure how interesting this will be for people out there (especially since this U-God album seems to have gotten no promotion), but I know some of y’all are hungry so… Link

BUMP REMIX OPPORTUNITIES – DOWNLOAD THE PARTS HERE YA GO, the downloadable parts to my club track BUMP. Go crazy, remix away. I’d love to hear every style you can come up with, reggaeton, house, metal, derrty south, whatever. Want to feature your man on a verse, go ahead. You big on this whole mashup thing, mash it up with your fave track. On my solo records, I want to try new things, challenge myself to take chances, go new places and sounds I can’t do to when we’re doing Wu records. If you share my restless spirit and want to join me on my Mr. Xcitement adventure, download and remix away duke, remix away. No contest, no deals, no commitments, just me and you on a remix. Send them to attn UGodzilla Bump and I’ll post up the cool ones in the player for reviews. Send only Bump remixes right now. That’s it, can’t wait to see who’s got next out there!!!