Good interview with AZ from Link

NBS: What are some of the most memorable moments in your career?
AZ: Just getting the love. From “Life’s A Bitch” when I was like, wow! Nas was the critically acclaimed MC at the time coming out with Illmatic, and I had one little sixteen bars, and half the world knew me. That was like, wow! I figured it was an album filler, you know? Just the tail end of his album, like oh yeah that sounds good, hey fuck it. Then the love that I got from it, that was the most shocking, to be honest. …And just everything else that came with it. “Sugar Hill” went platinum, that was a good thing. I never even brag or boast about that, you know what I mean, but I’ve been platinum before most. So when “Sugar Hill” came out that went platinum, even though it was the single that went platinum. Just enjoying the fruits, being able to leave one game alone and go into the next. It’s a blessing.