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Illustrations of Hieronymus Bosch… That 1467 Shit (mp3)

MH239: Bigg Jus – Poor People’s Day (Orchestrated by Dj Gman)

Poor People’s Day is the Mush debut release from former Company Flow emcee, Bigg Jus working alongside Atlanta based producer Dj Gman. After collaborating on “Silver Back Mountain King” the standout track from Black Mamba Serums, the duo conspired to create a release that would pay tribute to the oppressed people of the world and at the same time document what they see as an era of media control and significant global crisis. Fusing the indelible burners of his past with a deep political consciousness, this album is the strongest work of Bigg Jus’ career. He proves himself a true aspirant to the Edutainment title; his art and politics coexist as he couches messages and exhortations in fly rhyme schemes, dropped over bumpin’ beats. Those beats are provided by Dj Gman, who is sure to establish himself as one of the top producers in hip-hop with this release. His productions, which build on traditions of golden-era hip-hop while destroying the sonic limitations of typical boom-bap, is nothing short of a revelation. After almost a solid year in the lab, Bigg Jus and Dj Gman present Poor People’s Day, possibly the most relevant hip-hop record of the year.