Short interview with Cedric Muhammad about his series of articles which draw comparisons between the government infiltration of the black activist movements of the 60’s and today’s “hiphop” investigations by similar organizations. full interview, first article in series (06/2000)

Political commentator Cedric Muhammad published a series of Rap COINTELPRO articles on his website ( beginning in 2000 initially dealing with the suspicious circumstances surrounding the deaths of Tupac Shakur (2Pac) and Christopher Wallace (Notorious B.I.G.)
With great insight, in later parts of the series, Brother Cedric broadened the topical range identifying and investigating the stratagem implemented by a growing number of police departments across the United States dealing specifically with increased surveillance – some would even say harassment – of Hip Hop artists and the peculiar treatment of crimes occurring within the Hip Hop community. Brother Cedric spoke with Final Call Online Correspondent Ashahed Muhammad about the relationship of those subjects to the global strategy of the infamous J. Edgar Hoover – whose plan was to stifle progressive activism within the Black community and to prevent the rise of a “Black Messiah.”