Received an email today with a link to Miranda Jane’s short piece on Tragedy which somewhat describes the independent film based on his life in QueensBridge (which we’ve been trying to peep since we first heard about it).

“The film reveals much about his personal life, his personal pain, and all that he overcame to become one of our generation’s greatest unsung heroes of Hip Hop. With cameos from Poet, Delorean, Corleone, Capone, Havoc, Killa Sha, Littles, Marley Marl, Synysta, and many other QB MCs, artists, and ‘hood legends, the truth about Tragedy Khadafi and his illustrious career thus far is finally revealed; as well as the real deal on how he lyrically fathered QB’s most famous MCs.”

And I also came across this project last week: Tragedy Khadafi – QU Soldier. Seems like Sandbox had something to do with the pressing since it’s being pushed as a “SANDBOX & 25 TO LIFE EXCLUSIVE RELEASE.” Can’t wait to cop this or see the movie.