One of the many things I got from this interview is that O.C. is fed up with people expecting him to drop another “Time’s Up” classic. Go check out what else is on his mind. Link I’ve never heard an MC describe their work that way.

O.C.: It’s hypocritical because what people fail to realize is that us as artists are human beings. I make mistakes like anybody else. I got so much flack for the Bon Appetit album. To me, I don’t care what you or anybody say, it’s a good album. People expect me to do “Times Up” over and over. I can’t duplicate something that was done already. So, I don’t duplicate the same formulas. As Mike Tyson said, “That s**t’d be ludicrous, B.” My point is, I know I’m a hypocrite with certain things. I talk about certain things and don’t always follow up with ‘em – just like anybody else. I want people to see the vulnerability in that. I’m an artist, but I’m a human being first. I’m not apologizing for anything I do. I made two different records, totally.