Sprouting from seeds planted during the International Computer Music Conference, The Free Sound Project provides producers with an abundance of samples available via a Creative Commons Sampling License (that means its practically free). Link , via Corante


You are free:
To sample, mash-up, or otherwise creatively transform this work for commercial or noncommercial purposes.
To perform, display, and distribute copies of this whole work for noncommercial purposes (e.g., file-sharing or noncommercial webcasting).

Under the following conditions:
You must give the original author credit.
You may not use this work to advertise for or promote anything but the work you create from it.
For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work.

About “Free Sound”

People are organs of a living earth – and the cells of its body. The symphony of the cosmic concert is the music of nature – the natural “free music”. If you pay attention to this art and laws of its development, everybody knows that the noises of the sea, wind, thunderstorm, makes a symphony as well as the music of birds – but right now, people exploit the music of nature according to the old laws – if they were paying more attention, they would be enlightened more – It would turn out that water, air and birds, don’t sing according to our notes, but using all the notes that they find pleasure in – and with that, the laws of the natural music are observed exactly. The creator of free music similarly to a nightingale is not limited to tones and half-tones. He also utilizes quarter-tones, eighth-tones as well as music with a free choice of tones.- Nikolai Kulbin, “Free Music” manifesto published in Der Blaue Reiter Almanach (1910). Translated from the Russian by Ruslana Zitserman and Lonce Wyse