We caught this article on Reuters. Nice to know Aceyalone is getting his props. Respect to Decon Media and Project Blowed. Link

Project Blowed Celebrates 10 Years of L.A. Hip-Hop

By Todd Martens
LOS ANGELES (Billboard) – While gangsta rap has made millions aware of the street names of South Central Los Angeles, some of the city’s most vibrant hip-hop thrives under the radar.

At 4343 Leimert Blvd., rapper Aceyalone has led a weekly open-mic night for a decade. From his fellow Freestyle Fellowship members to Jurassic 5, nearly everyone who defines underground hip-hop in Los Angeles has passed through Project Blowed…..

……Busdriver, whose recent Mush Records release “Fear of a Black Tangent” is getting national attention, served as co-musical supervisor for the project. “I wanted to preserve the integrity that Project Blowed already has established and introduce the new members so it seems seamless,” he says. “I wanted the lineage to seem cohesive.”

Though the project likely has a limited audience, it is out at a time when underground hip-hop is receiving more mainstream attention. Aceyalone’s last album, “Love & Hate,” sold 22,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan, and his next is sure to improve upon that number, as its producer is in-demand Definitive Jux maestro RJD2.

“Aceyalone was bouncing from deal to deal and was never building toward anything,” Bittenbender says. “With us, he has put out four records, and he’s only going to get bigger and bigger.”