Nature Sounds Show @ Joe's Pub

So I’m strolling down Lafayette Street here in NYC on Saturday on my way to buy some records when a man passes me that looks awfully familiar. Is that the Rugged Man? Nah no way. I’m just trippin. Must be some other big unshaven white dude. I just keep on walking and pay no mind to it until I reach the pole where he was putting up a flyer (posted above). That was R.A.! I look back and notice he is about half a block away and crossing the street so I start to head back, finally catching up to him at the corner, while he was putting up another flyer for the Nature Sounds show. We spoke briefly on some random topics, too bad I didn’t have a recorder or nothing. He seems like a really cool guy as we talked for a few about his current living situation (same as before it seems), the Big L tribute show (sounded dope although he didn’t perform and I couldn’t get a ticket!) and the Nature Sounds promotional budget (none). Anyway, he asked me to tell people about the show, sorry for the late notice. It’s at Joe’s Pub, too late for me on a weeknight but maybe some of y’all aren’t slaves to a 9-5 or scared of the snow.