The Wu-Tang Manual

The book you hold in your hands is not a complete biography or a total philosophy of the Wu-Tang Clan. Instead, it represents an introduction to some of the basic principles of Wu-Tang thought and artistry, a glimpse into some of the ideas and life events that shaped the Clan. Consider it an accompaniment to the album Enter The Wu-Tang Clan: 36 Chambers – every important aspect of the foundation is touched on here, including spirituality, kung fu, chess, and so forth – but to the true student this is only a doorway to a fuller understanding. Sample the knowledge, wisdom and understanding by dropping into separate tracks, or read the book straight through; this is a path, not the destination. For those who seek, the 36th chamber still awaits. Let the saga begin.

The Rza
December 2004

{Taken from the opening page of the book}

Book 1
Chapter 1: Rza
Chapter 2: Gza
Chapter 3: Ol’ Dirty Bastard
Chapter 4: Method Man
Chapter 5: Raekwon
Chapter 6: Ghostface Killah
Chapter 7: Inspectah Deck
Chapter 8: U-God
Chapter 9: Masta Killa

Book 2
Chapter 1: The Way of the Wu: The Grand Spiritual Megamix
Chapter 2: Martial Arts
Chapter 3: Capitalism
Chapter 4: Comics
Chapter 5: Chess
Chapter 6: Organized Crime
Chapter 7: Cinema
Chapter 8: Chemistry
Chapter 9: Wu-Slang Lexicon

Book 3
Chapter 1: Protect Ya Neck
Chapter 2: Bring Da Ruckus
Chapter 3: C.R.E.A.M.
Chapter 4: Triumph
Chapter 5: Hellz Wind Staff
Chapter 6: Impossible
Chapter 7: Protect Ya Neck (The Jump Off)
Chapter 8: Uzi (Pinky Ring)
Chapter 9: Rules

Book 4
Chapter 1: Wu-Tang Samples
Chapter 2: Technology
Chapter 3: Spirituality of Producing
Chapter 4: Voices as Instruments
Chapter 5: The Deadly Art of Rhyme
Chapter 6: Wu-Tang Live
Chapter 7: The Way of the Abbot
Chapter 8: Wuman Resources
Chapter 9: Wu-Tang: The Saga Continues